Wow, today is exactly one week since I started this product. It was recommended to me by a co-worker and I will forever be greatful to her. This is AMAZING, I have severe arthritis in both knees (rignt worse than left) and I can honestly tell you that after only one week I feel a tremendous difference. I am not pain free yet but what a difference I can walk around at work like everyone else and not feel different and not have everyone feel sorry for me. THANK YOU for this product, it is WONDERFUL. I will write again to report my progress. THANK YOU , THANK YOU, THANK YOU. Johanne Adams West Palm Beach
Acuknee Knee Pain System


M. Mckenna says:

This Helped me When NOTHING else could I don’t normally take the time to write reviews, well because, who has the time?However, I struggled with knee pain for a long time. I went to a physical therapist for about 3 or 4 months with zero decrease in pain. I could barely walk down stairs or down the steep street I life on without Pain.Then, along came acuknee. The first time I tried it, after only 1 use, I started to feel something improving. After the second use, the pain was down 90%. My first guy reaction was that this is impossible. There is something going on here that I don’t understand. But as long as I continued to use the product, the pain stayed away.Now, I am able to play soccer again, go on hiking trips, and even go canoyoneering in Utah.My advice: try it out, and be diligent, because it won’t work if you do not use it regularly. When I stopped using it, pain eventually came back.

Back on my feet and active says:

Acuknee saved me! Acuknee was an absolute game changer for me. For months following my knee surgery, I was in constant pain and simply couldn’t quit swelling. After multiple knee drains and no improvement, I was contemplating a knee replacement at age 50 and was less than pleased. As a last resort, I tried using the Acuknee and it literally changed everything. I followed the Acuknee procedures and started noticing a difference in a few short weeks. Today I am pain free and doing everything I did before my surgery. This is a miracle machine. It’s very easy to use and I actually liked the way it made my knee feel during the treatment. It’s more comfortable and durable than other electro stim machines I’ve tried in the past. This is far and away the best medical device I’ve ever used. I have recommended it to friends who have also struggled with knee pain. It is worth every penny. If you are experiencing knee problems and want to avoid surgery or continued pain, order this today.

Stella Design says:

Knee Pain Fixed I work outdoors in rugged areas and would often experience knee pain. I heard about the acuknee through a friend so decided to try it out. The treatment made my knee a little sore at first but after a few weeks of treatment I was amazed at how much better my knee feels. Great product. Check out other reviews at

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